Berthier Campaign Manager

Free software to help run wargame campaigns.

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Berthier is software that manages miniature wargames campaigns. Berthier allows two campaigners, without an umpire, to run simple strategic campaigns leading to tabletop battles. Alternatively umpires can use Berthier to run two sided campaigns. Berthier is suitable for historical, naval or fantasy wargaming in most periods.



AWIRules Computer moderated rules for American War of Independence wargames


Software to manage wargames campaigns for miniatures.

Have Bicycle, Will Tour

Slow bicycle touring in Australia.

Galactic for Windows

Jim Vassilakos' Galactic 2.4c code modified and compiled to run as native 32-bit Windows program.

Marnon Campaign Revisisted

A solo wargame campaign using Berthier.


A lightweight campaign manager based on the Berthier Campaign Manager engine that emulates the "old school" matchbox method of hidden movement.

ShipBase II for Windows

ShipBase II by David Ferris compiled to run as native 32-bit Windows program.

Traffic Light

A Berthier front-end to allow campaigning across the internet using a cloud storage service.

Windows versions of Jim Vassilakos' RPG programs

Jim Vassilakos' RPG programs modified and compiled to run as native 32-bit Windows programs.
* Calendar Creator (CAL) for Windows
* Mapper for Windows
* Random Stuff Generator (RAND) for Windows
* Worldmap for Windows


July 2021