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How to use a Windows Text Editor with the

RPG software created by Jim Vassilakos.

Jim Vassilakos has produced a number of public domain software packages for RPG use including -

These packages run under MSDOS or as DOS programs under Windows. The actual text editing/reading in these packages is done by other programs called Text Editors and Text Readers. Jim's programs are set up to use MSDOS programs such as EDIT, TED or LESS in these roles. Jim includes some DOS text editors and readers in his packages.

Since most people would be running Jim's software under the Windows operating system these days they might prefer to use Windows based software, such as the ubiquitous Notepad, for text editing/reading . But starting Windows programs from within a DOS program can be problematical.

There is however a reasonably simple way of doing getting around the problem: you set up a batch file to call the Windows text editor cleanly. Then in Jim's software you name the batch file as your text editor. Jim's program calls the batch file which in turn calls the Windows test editor.

You can also use a batch file to have the Windows text editor function as a text reader. The secret is to set the Read-Only attribute on the text file before it is opened by the Windows text editor. That way it can’t be changed. After it has been read the attribute is un-set.

I have put together several batch files to run Windows text editors/readers from Jim's software.
Just type the name of the appropriate batch file e.g. NoteNT.BAT, into Jim's software.

You can download from the link below.

There are separate batch files for Windows 95/98 and for Windows NT/2000/XP. The batch files are set up to open Notepad.


Download batch files here


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Last Updated: August 2008.