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Jim Callahan tells how he set-up Berthier to run under the Mac OS X operating system using DOSBox.


Jim Callahan has set up Berthier to run on a Macintosh using DOSBox. His instructions are -

  1. Download the DOSbox version for the MAC OS X operating system. See the DOSBox web page here.
  2. Unstuff the dosbox .sit file.
  3. Make a folder to hold all your dos stuff. I called mine /dos. Go figure ...
  4. Unzip the berthier program into /dos.
  5. Double click the dosbox executable. It does not need to live in /dos, it can be anywhere.
    Mine is in /Applications.
  6. Type mount c /dos
  7. Type c: (Don't forget the colon.)
  8. You should get a C: prompt.
  9. Type cd berthier.
  10. Type berthier and voila!.

Jim Callahan has also got Berthier to work under Virtual PC but reports it is more complicated than DOSBox to get going.


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